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Strategic Marketing Assessment

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Thank you for the opportunity to share why I believe analyzing your digital presence and refreshing your marketing strategy is the right digital vehicle for you. With the right digital marketing tactics, there will be brand cohesion and synergy amongst all of your digital elements—website, social media, advertising, sales material, email marketing, and more. That will help to create and achieve brand alignment for {{}}.

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Kimie Digital is a strategic and people-centric marketing agency. Let us help you with your marketing and communications strategy, social media advertising, or sales funnel strategy. 

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Remote and contactless transactions have become the norm for many businesses these days. If you do not have a digital tactic tied to each phase of your consumer's journey, you're likely missing out on a potential opportunity to convert or reengage a consumer.
Here are 3 common pitfalls and why it's so important to analyze your marketing strategy:
1. Lacking internal alignment.
From marketing functions that develop campaign strategies, and targeting on digital platforms to sales teams who are utilizing sales copy, marketing collateral, and are striving to convert leads, these two teams must be aligned on who is the company's target audience(s). If misaligned, this will create tension and frustration between departments and likely failure to meet a goal.
2. Missing brand cohesion.
Cohesive messaging is critical. As a consumer navigates from an advertisement or social media post to a company's website, they should have clarity about who you are, your product or service, and who do you serve. The lack of cohesive messaging across all channels—social media, advertising, email marketing, and website can leave your consumer feeling confused, unclear, and unwilling to engage.  
3. Showing up on the wrong digital channels.
There's nothing more frustrating than investing time and resources towards developing and promoting content on a social platform, only to feel disappointed and crushed when your lead generation is lacking or engagement is down. A common pitfall to a marketing strategy requires analyzing current digital platforms you are participating in to ensure your digital tactics are aligned to your target audience and goals. 

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