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When was the last time you refreshed your marketing strategy?  Do you know who your target audience is, where they hang out online, and how to communicate to them? A strategic marketing assessment will help you to assess your business' digital presence, competitive positioning, and marketing activities to create brand cohesion and synergy amongst all of your digital elements—website, social media, advertising, sales material, and more.

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Are you using the right digital tactics to get in front of and remain top of mind to your prospects and customers? With the right digital marketing tactics, you can create a consistent flow of awareness amongst your audience and invite fans and followers of your company to take action. A strategic and cohesive social media presence can help you get your message to your social media following.

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Are you in a time crunch and need your new marketing strategy done yesterday? Well, you're in luck. With a VIP Intensive Day you'll get the dedicated attention and support you need to kick-start your marketing strategy. You can choose from either of the above offerings and have it completed in a day—yes, you read that correctly, just one day!

Meet Kimie Digital's founder

Hi there!

Thanks for learning more about Kimie Digital. I'm Erin Horiuchi, a digital marketer and the founder. I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for 14 years before relocating to Pflugerville, Texas. 

I am passionate about serving educational companies and tech startups. Education is an equalizer and knowledge is a powerful tool that can open doors and opportunities for all. And I also enjoy working with tech startups that are developing cutting edge technology and innovation solutions—the possibilities are endless!

I founded Kimie Digital to combine my expertise in digital strategy and analytics and to partner with business owners and marketing teams who demand creative digital marketing solutions. 

I can't wait to learn more about you and am glad you're here. Talk to you soon.


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"Partnering with Erin has made a huge difference for our team. Our previous agency lacked attention to detail, focused on spending our maximum advertising budget, and did not care about lead quality. Since working with Erin, we've increased our webinar registrants by 63%, which is incredible as this is one of our primary lead gen channels."


Head of Enrollment and Student Services, Santa Clara University's School of Education & Counseling Psychology

"Erin helped our team to gain clarity about the missing component in our marketing strategy, enabling us to systematize and scale our marketing efforts. Having an external perspective was really beneficial. When you're so consumed with your own marketing activities day in and day out, having an outside view was exactly what we needed!"


Chief Experience Officer,

Officium Labs

"I am building my community and my audience is enjoying what they are reading and are finding it very helpful. I love Erin's work!"


Success Coach,

Empower Your Destiny

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